Help your dog maintain a healthy coat and skin with regular grooming.

Your initial dog groom includes a free consultation to discuss:

  • any styling requests to help manage the pets lifestyle and health
  • skin and coat condition
  • sensitive areas, injuries or scar tissue
  • temperament in the salon
  • mobility issues
  • nail length


Every dog groom includes:

  • breed specific/pet styling
  • a hygiene clip
  • foot pad hair tidy 
  • hydro bath and shampoo
  • drying and styling finish


Comfort breaks and water are offered at regular intervals.

Pet trims

Pet trims are adapted breed trims which help the owner manage the dogs coat.


Hand stripping
Hand stripping which is the process of removing loose dead hair from wirey and silky coats by hand.



Regular de-shedding and hydrobath bathing can help keep your dog's skin and coat healthy and helps reduce the level of dog hairs in your home.


Matt removal
If a coat is so badly matted down to skin there is no option but for this to be clipped off using a short safe blade. This is to ensure the dog is in no discomfort from pulling or tugging at the matts and is the kindest thing to do. 


Hygiene clip
This is the careful removal of hair from around the anus and genital area to the tummy button, inside top thigh and armpits. This minimises the risk of the collection of germs, parasites, sore spots, and tangles.


Bathing, dog wash wervice
Your dog will be washed using the latest hydrobath technology providing a rapid deep clean of your pets coat and skin.The water is temperature regulated and the pressure also provides a gentle skin massage which most dogs find relaxing.



All grooms include fur removal from in between the paw pads to help the feet breath more easily and minimise the collection of dirt, bacteria and foreign objects.


Nail trimming 

Nail and dew claw trims are undertaken for your pets comfort if the nails are overgrown.


Show trims
These are breed specific trims for clients who show dogs and are prepared to maintain the coat and style on a daily basis. Please ensure you state if you require your pet to be groomed in this way to ensure the coat is styled to show standards. The groom will also include a premium for the additional work and time involved.

Please call Rebecca to discuss or book your groom on:

M: 07971 696781

L: 01400 282282

Benefits of Grooming


  • Ensures healthy coat/coat growth
  • Promotes good blood circulation
  • Helps control dog’s temperature
  • Prevents painful mats
  • Reduces nasty odours and grease
  • Reduces shedding in the home
  • Identify disease and conditions early 
  • Helps you build a bond with your pet
  • Your pet will look and feel great



Shannon Duke

Absolutely amazing!! I couldn't of asked for a better service for my little man, Bailey. From stepping through the door I felt at ease leaving my precious boy w...ith such 2 lovely ladies. They listened to exactly what I wanted and did such a great job for my long haired chihuahua. Bailey who can sometimes be quite nervous of other people/groomers felt very much at home. Thank you so much!!


Becky Price

My Lakeland terrier "Wilf" has been going for his hair do at precious paws for a few months now... He smells and looks delicious and nothing is too much trouble!!


Nat Tilley

Fantastic Service, would recommend to anyone. Our boy was looked after so well, come home looking gorgeous and total value for money xx



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